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Floriama completed her M.A. at the Center of Excelence in Image Studies in 2016 and she holds BA from the National University of Arts, Bucharest. Currently she is based in Bucharest and she is experimenting with new types of mediums, such as biological living tissue. Since 2014, she is represented by Eastwards Prospectus Gallery.

Her works often make use of experimental artistic procedures to bring about renditions of image and object morphologies. Her artistic enterprise is highly intuitive; discovery plays an important role. It is a constant negotiation between existing mental images and seeking ways to bring them about. She challenges the way memory, cognition, perception and taxonomy are set in motion as mechanisms in the subjective relation with the world. New means of expression as well as unconventional materials are constantly expanding her use of mixed media techniques. Drawing, painting, photographic or printed image transfer, kombucha film or found objects are interlaced on canvases or biological materials.